Story 1:

17  year old girl whose family had sold half of their land in order to deal with the consequences of a relatively simple appendectomy procedure gone awry.  When we saw her, she was supposed to get another procedure to remove some of her bowel.  In consultation with our colleagues in the states and after reviewing her case we advised her not to.  She has saved her family's land and is now doing well. We are working on trying to help her get plastic surgery done to repair some of the scarring........

Story 2:

9 year old we saw who says last year she got some knuckle swelling and could not write at school, then subsequently her knees/ankles got so bad she could not sit all day at school.  We diagnosed her with juvenile rheumatiod arthritis, she is on treatment and we continue to monitor her progress.  She is back at school, doing well and able to do the things regular kids do.