One World Medicine Clinic was started exclusively for charitable purposes.  The goal of this charity is to provide medical care to underserved populations in developing countries.  Our objective is to start up and periodically revisit (approximately every 1-2 years) medical clinics in areas of need.  Goals will be to locate willing volunteers who have connections in underserved countries to assist in starting new clinics, as well as volunteering for medical aid in those countries.

Utilizing what we have learned from our pilot clinic in India, and after evaluating available literature, we believe we can avoid the concerns that have been voiced about existing medical clinics.  These include providing ineffective temporary care; providing culturally insensitive care; being self-serving by providing value for the visitors and not meeting community needs; having medical personnel that are inadequately briefed on language and local culture; and imposing burden on local healthcare by not collaborating with them.  We plan to construct our clinics in a manner that will circumvent these issues and provide effective, competent, sensitive and sensible healthcare.